FAQ From Administrators

I'm an administrator of my club. How do I get started?

The first step is easy. Just register using the Club Registration link on the home page or from the menu. You will be asked to enter the name of the club and the name and email address of the club's first administrator. Once you register, the Love Our Club set up guide will help you configure the parts of the system that you wish to use. Love Our Club provides all of the documentation you need to get going quickly. It's easy!

How much does it cost a club to use Love Our Club?

Love Our Club has 3 Subscription Plans ranging from $30.00 per month to $50.00 per month. You choose the plan that has the features you require. Love Our Club also provides a free trial subscription that allows you to take the system for a test spin! Go to the Subscriptions page for more details on the features available in each plan.

Can I control how members book resources and register for events?

The Love Our Club system provides administrators with lots of options to control all aspects of the system. You can specify how far in advance members can book resources and how many resources they can book in a week or in a day. These member rules can be specified individually or based on membership types. The setup guide will help you configure the system to meet your club rules. If you need a specific rule that isn't already in the system, just let us know and we'll add it for you.

Can we use Love Our Club as our website?

Yes! Love Our Club automatically hosts a website for your club and provides a built-in website builder. You can use it as your public website with your own domain name and create as many pages as you like. Alternatively, you can keep your existing website and simply add a link to Love Our Club to provide members with easy access to online bookings and all of the other features of the system.

Will my club still need another accounting package?

Not at all! Love Our Club provides an integrated accounting system designed for club administrators and volunteers. Once you are running Love Our Club, there is no need for any other software! You are free to use another accounting system if you like but we think that once your try Love Our Club, you'll want to take advantage of all of it's integrated features designed just for clubs!

Can I get further information or have a demonstration of the system features?

Yes you can. Love Our Club would love to hear from you and answer any guestions you may have. We would also be glad to do an online presentation. Please feel free to email us at info@loveourclub.com and let us know how we can help you!

FAQ From Members

I'm a member of a club that is using Love Our Club. How do I get started?

To start to use Love Our Club all you need to do is register by selecting the Member Registration link on the home page or from the menu. You will be asked to enter the email address that your club administrator has entered into the system for you. You will also be asked to enter a password of your choice. Once you select the "Register" button, an email will be sent to your email address with a code. Once you enter your confirmation code on the Member Profile screen and you are fully registered and ready to access the system. You may also download the Love Our Club mobile app from your app store.

How much does it cost members to use Love Our Club?

There is no charge to the members of a club and no credit card information is required for a member to register.

How do I make an on-line booking?

On-line booking is easy. Just log in and select the booking calendar from the menu. The calendar will display the days, times and resources that are available for booking. Just click on the time slot and resource you would like to book. The system will display a confirmation dialog box to allow you to enter the other members and to confirm your booking. Once you get the hang of it, on-line booking if fast and easy!

What is the Favourites used for in the Members List?

Your favourites list is simply a list of the members of the club that you typically interact with. When you book a resource, your club may prefer that you specify the members that you are booking with. By maintaining your own list of favourites, you have easy access to the names of your favourite members. This allows you to add these additional members to bookings in seconds. Of course, you can add any member to your bookings but having a list of favourites speeds up the process.

Can I get a confirmation and reminder of my bookings?

Yes, when you edit your Member Profile, you may select the option to receive both email confirmations and email reminders. If you have selected to receive Email Confirmations, the system will automatically send you an email confirming when you are included in a new booking or if the booking is changed or cancelled. If you have selected to receive Email Reminders, you will receive a reminder email the morning of your scheduled booking.

Does Love Our Club provide a Mobile Application?

Yes. The Love Our Club Mobile App can be downloaded from the Google and Apple stores. The Mobile App provides a convenient way to book the club's resources, manage your profile information, make payments and view your account statements.

Can I change or cancel a booking entered by another member?

You can change or cancel a booking entered by another member but only if you are on the booking or you are an administrator. Each member on the booking that has requested email confirmations will receive a confirmation showing the changes that you have made to the booking.